Creating Ideas

The process of office interior designing starts with a concept and with mutual understanding with the customers. The process of renovating or designing starts at the space provided by the customers. We place all the component as per the client requirement and let them understand "WHAT" "WHERE" "WHEN".

Design & Views

Once the concept is ready, the actual designing comes in the picture in form of a layout plan. During this phase we discuss about the actual development work. The design features, material selection for all the requirement, such as lighting and other Interior related issues get the direction in the project.


Niveeta Corp. Team, start it's activity as soon as the plan is ready and the material is arranged, then the actual plan gets converted into the practical process. The flooring, ceiling, tiles, PCC-work starts one after other step by step. The electrical setup too starts getting ready as per the discussion.


We have project managers for each site to take care the work at every stage. Work process is watched at every stage. We work according to the schedule and keep track of all the activities carried at the clients’s site. We have professional team of workers, , contractors, who carry their work as per the timeframe.


The final stage of the project and it is very important stage for us to work and complete the work successfully as per the plan. The last minute refurbish and the final touches at every level makes sure that the work is up-to-date and nearing the completion. The work process includes, furniture, painting, lights & Data testing.

Make us feel happy

When we hand over site to you as a "New Corporate Office" to you to move-in which is perfectly set as per the plan and the design. And we know how excited and emotional you and your team will be..

We offer high quality solutions which are according to the customer’s taste, market requirements and as per the changing trends in the industry.